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Replacement DFI Air Injectors

  884595A01 Air Injector $ 412.00
Fits Optimax 115 DFI (3 cyl)(1.5L)(All serial numbers)
Fits Optimax 250 DFI (V6 3.0L)(1B504989 and UP)
Fits Optimax 200 Pro XS (3.0L)(1B504989 and UP)
Fits Optimax 250 DFI (3.0L)(1B504989 and UP)
Fits Optimax 225 Pro XS (3.0L DFI)(1B104549 thru 1B752546)
Fits Optimax 225 Pro XS (3.0L DFT)(1B752547 and UP)
Fits Optmax 250 DFI (3.0L)(1B528615 and UP)
Fits Optimax 250 PRO XS (3.0L DFI)(1B426561 thru 1B752546),
Fits Optimax 250 PRO XS (3.0L DFI) (1B752547 and UP)
Fits JP 3.0L DFI (1E003046 and UP).

  883078A05 Air Injector $ 438.00
Fits Optimax V115 (2.5L V6)(0G960500 thru 0T178499),

Optimax V135 (All serial numbers), Optimax V150 (All serial numbers),
Optimax V175 (All serial numbers), Optimax V200 (0G590000 thru 0G760299),
Optimax V200 (0G760300 thru 0G960499), Optimax V200 (0G960500 thru 0T178499),
Optimax V200 (0T178500 thru 0T598999), Optimax V200 (0T599000 thru 0T800999).
Optimax 200 DFI (3.0L)(0T801000 thru 1B417701), Optimax 200 DFI (3.0L)(1B417702 thru 1B504988),
Optimax 200 DFI (3.0L)(1B504989 and UP), Optimax 200 (3.0L DFI)(DTS)(0T980000 thru 1B417701),
Optimax 200 (3.0L DFI)(DTS)(1B417702 thru 1B504988), Optimax 200 (3.0L DFI)(DTS)(1B504989 and UP),
Optimax 225 DFI (0G590000 thru 1B504989), Optimax 225 (3.0L)(DTS)(0T599000 thru 1B504989 and UP),
Optimax 200/225 DFI (3.0L)(1B528615 and UP).

  828812T Air Injector $ No Longer Available
Used to fit 200 DFI Serial (0G386496 thru 0G589999)
If your 200 DFI falls in this serial number range please
send us an email with your engine serial number.

  26-835083 Air Injector Seal Kit $12.80 each
Fits all DFI Air Injectors.
New Injectors include these seals already preinstalled.

  12-828694A1 Cupped Washer $8.00 each
This washer resides in the head where the Air Injector is installed.
It does not usually need to be replaced unless it is damaged during the removal of the Air Injector or
if you are replacing the cylinder head.

Unsure as to which Air Injector(s) you need?
Send us your Engine Serial Number and we will let you know the correct Injector for your engine.

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