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DFI Air Injector and Fuel Injector Service

Did you know that at wide-open-throttle your injectors open and close
almost 100 times EACH SECOND?

It makes sense that your Air Injectors and Fuel Injectors must be clean and
in perfect working condition for your engine to perform at its best.

Carbon and other deposits tend to build up and clog your injectors.
These deposits disrupt your injectors ability to perform as designed
and the result is a loss of power and an increase in fuel consumption.

Fuel additives can help but they are limited as to what they can do.
If you want to try an additive we recommend using QuickKleen®.

Additives will not "repair" a faulty injector.
AirInjectors.Com can not "repair" a faulty injector.
They are precision manufactured and have no replaceable parts.

Our Injector Service Department can clean, test and measure the performance of your injector(s).
If your SmartTach shows a descriptive text message "D inj open" or "D inj closed", chances
are very good that you need a new injector. The message will usually display the number of the cylinder
that has the faulty injector.

We do not charge an extra fee if your injector tests faulty (open or closed short).
If your injector tests OK we can clean and test the injectors function.
Tests may include multi pulse regiment, pressure test, ohms tests, pintle travel and plume/volume test.
Once your injector passes these tests it is then cleaned and retested.

Testing and Cleaning is $35.00 per Injector.

All Injectors must be installed with new orings and Teflon Seals.
Each Injector will be returned with a new Seal Kit which is an additional $13.00.
If any of your Injectors are faulty, you will be sent an email with the test results and
you will be given the opportunity to purchase a replacement injector(s).

New Injectors include the new orings and Teflon Seals at no extra charge.

Please use care when removing your injectors.
Refer to your factory Service Manual for safety precautions and procedures.
Check our Tech Tips page for additional information.

Shipping Instructions
After removing your injectors let them "air out" for a couple of hours
as to let any fuel dissipate before packing. Wipe clean and dry the injectors.

Individually wrap each injector in paper or bubble wrap as so they don't damage
each other in the box during transit.

Enclose a letter which includes the following information:
  1. Your Name
  2. Your Shipping Address
  3. Your Phone Number(s)
  4. Your Email Address
  5. Your Engine Horsepower
  6. Your Engine Model Year
  7. Your Engine Serial Number(s)
  8. A note as to which (if any) Injector may be faulty
Send To:
1252 SE 1st Way
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
Ph 954-480-9647
Fx 954-481-9682

Injectors are expensive!
A typical Air Injector is about $375.00.
Pack carefully and insure your package as needed.
Always ship using a service with a tracking number.

Please email us with your information and tracking number as so we can expect your package.
AirInjectors.Com will email you an Invoice after your cleaning and testing has been completed.
All Invoices are to be paid via PayPal before your injectors are shipped for return.

QuickKleen® is a product of Mercury Marine. Please follow the instructions on the bottle.
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Mercury Marine and Optimax are trademarks of Brunswick Corp.