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DFI Air Injectors for Optimax Outboards

NEW!    Just in! New FACTORY Mercury Marine Pressure Regulator Diaphrams.
This is what everyone has been waiting for.
These are NOT the "tracker" valves... these are the Fuel and/or Air Pressure Regulator Diaphrams for the Port Fuel Rail.
These are ORIGINAL Mercury Marine Diaphrams. They are NOT modified tracker valves. They are not home-made.

Air and Fuel Pressure Regulator Diaphrams

Need Pressure Regulator Spings? We have the new spring kits in stock!     Email us your serial number.

Mercury Marine Optimax Outboards use the DFI (Direct Fuel Injection) system.
The fuel is injected into the combustion chamber with the assistance of an Air Injector (also called Direct Injector).
The Air Injector helps to produce a fine and fast plume of fuel for excellent power, acceleration and fuel economy.

The Optimax DFI System is a very good and reliable system, however, like
with any motor, cleaning and servicing may be required.
Air Injectors can require cleaning and/or replacement.
A faulty air injector can not be repaired.
A fouled air injector can often be cleaned, tested and reinstalled.

Special tools and knowledge are required to properly service your Optimax.
Customers under factory Warranty should bring their boat to an authorized Mercury Outboard Dealership
for proper diagnosis and repair.
Read your Warranty Policy for more information. Not all DFI failures are covered under the factory Warranty.

Your Dealer should have either the DDT (Digital Diagnostic Terminal) or the laptop based
CDS (Computer Diagnostic System) to diagnose your engine.
Most newer Optimax outboards are rigged with SmartCraft gauges.
Later model SmartCraft SmartTach's have "Descriptive Text" readouts which will scroll a fault
in the event of a faulty Direct Injector.

Keep your Optimax running strong with original factory parts from AirInjectors.Com

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