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DFI Air Injector Service Tools

DFI Tools

Having the correct tools to install your Air Injectors is important.
There are only two inexpensive tools for installing your Air injector.

  91-851980-3 Seal/Teflon Ring Intstallation Tool $5.00
This little plastic cone fits over the tip of the air injector and it allows you
to slip the seals and the Teflon seal onto the injector without damage.

  91-851980-2 Seal Resizing Tool $9.00
This clamp-like tool compresses and resizes the seals as so they will slip into the cylinder head without damage.

  91-881834A1 Pressure Gauge Set $518.00
Fuel and Pressure Test gauge Set
This Gauge Set will let you accuratly monitor and test your air and fuel pressures for proper diagnosis.
Image may vary from actual gauge.

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