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Optimax Tuneup Kits

We recommend that you have your local Mercury Marine Dealer perform your Optimax Tuneup.
They have the special tools, training and experience to perform a complete tuneup.

If it is inconvenient or too difficult to get your Optimax to an authorized dealer
you should order a shop service manual.

It is very important to keep your Optimax in excellent condition.
It should be serviced every season or every 100 hours, whichever comes first.

Items to service and/or check will include:
1. Fuel Filters
2. Oil Filters
3. Water Pump
4. Water Strainer Screen
5. Fuel Lines
6. Belt
7. Gear Lube
8. Steering System
9. Battery Cables and Batteries
10. Cables
11. Mounts
12. Prop, prop hub and prop shaft
13. Gauges and Harnesses
14. Plugs and Plug Wires
15. Fuses and Connections
16. Anodes/Zincs
17. Steering Pivot Pin
18. Cowl and Cowl Seals
19. Hoses and Thermostats
20. Poppet and Poppet Diaphram
21. Oil Tank, Oil Lines and Oil Pump Operation. More....

Take some time and read through your Optimax Owners Manual.
It should have a service schedule and other good information.

Ready to perform the service yourself? We can help!
Send us your engine serial number(s) and we will send you a list of typical tune up parts.

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